December 2010

Sibling Rivalry: Five Strategies to Reduce It

December 23, 2010

I was in the library a few days before Winter Break and ran into my friend Sherry, a regular Play. Fight. Repeat. reader.  Being an astute parent, Sherry was aware that our upcoming school vacation with kids home for much longer than our parents ever had to deal with, would not be a “vacation” for […]

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Wordless Wednesday #2

December 22, 2010

This year’s favorite ornament, handmade by my Swedish friend, Ulrika 2010.

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Paying Kids for Failing: A Backward Reward System That Worked for Me

December 16, 2010

My stepfather, Dan, passed away last June and I dearly miss him. The most recent reason is that he was the person I’d phone first when I’d failed at something. Dan entered my life when I was 9 and heavily into my gymnastics phase.  I recall being asked later, as a 12 year-old, what I […]

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Wordless Wednesday #1

December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday is a phenomenon in the blogging world I just learned of.  It encourages bloggers to use a photo to express what they might otherwise say with words.

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Bicycling to School Can Improve Learning

December 9, 2010

Last Spring “Bike to School” day took place in our town.  I know, it sounds really straightforward and conjures up memories of one’s own childhood when every day was bike to school day.  No one ever needed to create an official Bike to School day. But it wasn’t quite that easy.  You see, our county […]

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Counterintuitive Study Strategies

December 2, 2010

I’ll start with an admission I’m not that proud of.  Ever since my oldest child was in first grade and began receiving real homework, I’ve been attempting to create a regular homework routine at our house.  Five years later, I still haven’t pulled it off. Establishing a homework schedule shouldn’t be difficult!  At least that’s […]

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