October 2011

What Role Does Quitting Play in Our Children’s Lives?

October 21, 2011

My husband Todd grew early.  By 7th grade he was 5’ 7”.  For boys this can be an advantage, a luck-of-the-draw event that goes your way.  Todd had always enjoyed basketball and his early growth spurt, along with hours and hours of shooting on his driveway hoop, yielded a position on his middle school basketball […]

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Toward Media Savvy Kids

October 6, 2011

A while back Todd took our daughter Annie (8) to the nearby hardware store.  This locally-owned place is stocked with just about every basic item you could want.  Todd needed drywall anchors and screws.  Annie asked to stay by the Japanese eraser display while her dad went to find the fasteners section. I can’t recall […]

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