April 2011

Encouraging Innovation and Ingenuity

April 28, 2011

Recently our family’s dinner conversation centered on the anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the current disaster at the nuclear power plant in northern Japan.  No, not all our dinner table topics are this sober. “Okay, which one of you said you were going to invent an efficient and […]

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Five Sanity-Saving Books for Parents of Young Children

April 21, 2011

My neighbor Kim (see Boys Babysitting: Kim was Right) suggested starting a neighborhood babysitting co-op.  In the end three families were able to participate.  We arranged for one couple to care for all seven kids one evening, every three weeks.  So, one Saturday evening of babysitting equals two Saturday evenings free. We’re still working out […]

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Our Narratives

April 15, 2011

My friend Renee’s son Ben is sixteen and a junior in high school.  In his freshman year he joined his school’s crew team and has been rowing with them ever since.  If you are from a land-locked or water scarce place, it’s likely your local high school doesn’t have a crew team.  But in the […]

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Mountain Goats and Spiderman: Using the Tools of the Mind Program

April 7, 2011

Over Spring Break our family visited two National Parks in Utah, Arches and Canyonlands.  We stayed in the small town of Moab, where an interesting mix of ex-uranium miners and twenty-something mountain bike enthusiasts live tucked in between towering red rock mountains.  Although the boys and Todd did enjoy some challenging mountain bike trails which […]

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