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Digging the Whole Hole: Home Improvement Projects with Kids

We all know those people who are really good with their hands, though this is not their paid work.  Like my neighbor, Danny, who built a chicken coop last Fall, or my brother-in-law, David, who created built-in bookshelves spanning his … Continue reading

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Lizard Or Snake? Fascinating Gender Research about Children

“Mama, I’ve finally decided what kind of pet I want. Number 1 is a lizard and number 2 is a snake.” That was Daniel, my 10 year-old, the other day. By the phrasing of his question, you’d think I had … Continue reading

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My Humble Warriors: Yoga with Adolescents and Tweens.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my worries about my older son’s looming middle school transition led me to enroll him in a yoga class.  For approximately one afternoon I even believed yoga would solve almost all the problems … Continue reading

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My Savasana Aha: Yoga Could Benefit My Middle Schooler.

About halfway through my son Stephen’s fifth-grade year, I started to worry about middle school. Basically this meant I began to dwell on my own middle school experience, since Stephen’s, of course, had yet to begin. As most adults would … Continue reading

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