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We live in Boulder, Colorado and have two boys and a girl, ages 20, 18, and 15. I’m currently taking a break from my clinical psychology work, or you could say that I have three young clients 24/7 (otherwise known as full-time parenting). My husband is a history professor at a nearby college which means that as a parental unit, we’ve chosen time over money at this point in our lives. You’ll read more about how this decision affects our parenting experience too.

With a light-hearted style, Play. Fight. Repeat. presents some of the latest ideas in psychology to people who spend time with kids. I’m drawn to current research and thinking about children and parenting, as well as living “green” and “simply” as a family.  I can’t help but try many of the suggestions out there on my own family.  I’ll show you the results of these ‘trials’ in our home.

I also have this little thing about gathering and reading the latest books on parenting, childhood, simplicity, ecology, modern life, etc.  So, I’ll let you know which of these books I think are particularly helpful. And by helpful sometimes I mean that the author admitted that his or her parenting experience was as unpredictable and chaotic as mine and I fell in love with the book for this reason alone.

Recently I’ve been thinking and reading about how to give our kids the ‘tools’ they’ll need to manage and maneuver in this crazy world into which they are entering. I’ll share with you what we’ve tried with our kids along these lines complete with successes, and perhaps more importantly, failures.

By the way, I’m not using my kids’ real names when I write about them here. I’ll keep their genders and ages accurate because changing those would throw everything off. Having a parent who is a psychologist can be hard enough, but having a mom who writes a blog on parenting is even harder, I would think. To give my kids a modicum of privacy and a tad of control, I’ve let them pick the names they want me to use. So there you go, and here we go.

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4 Responses to About Me

  1. Kim says:

    I’m a big fan of Suzita’s parenting wisdom. I’m so excited that she is sharing it more!

  2. Holly says:

    So glad to see your thoughfulness and priority given to the art and insanity of parenting and to creating enriching individual and family experiences. Looking forward to learning more with the upcoming adventures. Bon Voyage!

  3. Heather says:

    Just found your blog from a comment you left about children’s/parents behaviour on Last American Childhood.
    I am enjoying reading some of your posts, and finding them very insightful!

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