home improvement with kids

Raising Your Spirited Child While D.I.Y. Remodeling

June 9, 2011

When my son Stephen was a year old, I visited my aunt and cousins in Seattle.  While we toured their recently renovated home, my aunt commented that kids have different “space needs” as they grow, and ideally one can expand a house here and there so it can grow with them. I remembered looking at […]

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Digging the Whole Hole: Home Improvement Projects with Kids

November 24, 2010

We all know those people who are really good with their hands, though this is not their paid work.  Like my neighbor, Danny, who built a chicken coop last Fall, or my brother-in-law, David, who created built-in bookshelves spanning his living room wall.  I’m awed by these people.  Were they born with an uncommon gene […]

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