Vicki Robin

What is Enough? Teaching Your Children the Concept of Enough

September 22, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the idea of “enough.”  Whether it’s a material item (shoes) or a non-material one (free time), how do you know when you have enough of something? Enough seems to reside at the sweet spot between needing more and wanting more.  It’s a calm, settled, balanced place.  Enough is a place where […]

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Helping Your Child Start a Small Business

August 22, 2011

During the Depression my stepfather, Dan, helped his family survive by purchasing fruit and vegetables at the farmers’ market.  Then he sold them door to door in the wealthier neighborhoods of his city from his homemade wooden wagon.  He was 8 when he launched his career as an entrepreneur. When I was a child of […]

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